Strategy & Brand marketing

Based on the audit which is the distinctive element of digit9, we will craft a matching digital marketing strategy and devise tactical campaigns to elicit customer visits to your digital door steps ensuring customers conversion and engagement.

The focus areas of our strategy and brand marketing would be:

  • Brand – Identity & Positioning

    We help create an identity for your brand and define your position in the market. We then blend the potential of your brand with creativity and technology for digital optimization and marketing.

  • Creative & Design

    We help with ideas that can change the way people perceive your brand and have an edge over your competitors through creative process that perfectly blend with brand and content strategy.

  • Content – Programs and campaigns

    We devise content in terms of contagious brand stories for multi-channels and multi-devices and seize every tactical opportunity to deliver creative and strategic value for marketing impact.

  • Marketing – Channels & advertising

    We tap multiple channels and online platforms for effective reach of your brand campaigns through an online advertising mix (Social, Google Search & display, Native content, E-mail and Remarketing).