ONE Campaign can change the way you do business. We're damn serious about it!

Let us execute ONE DIGITAL CAMPAIGN that will assist your brand to be more attractive to customers, fetch more leads, and generate more sales.

Here is how we do it!

  1. Digital Strategy Consultation
  2. Email Communication & Automation
  3. Facebook Engagement
  4. Technology Transformation
  5. Listing and Backlinks


How much will it cost?
It is a package worth Rs.50,000 per month. We will give this for you at 10% of its cost. You can do the math 😉


When does it begin and end?
Just for 3 months – July, Aug, Sep 2017. Isn’t it good for a kick-start?

Did I tell you that the offer is available by Invite-Only !

The Registration for 1st batch closes on July 15, 2017. So, hurry!

We've got the best practices in Digital Marketing combined and customized for Fashion Retailers and Jewellers.

Associate Partner

Here is what you get for Rs. 5000 per month.


Digital Strategy Consultation

We provide consultation on how to increase sales and loyal customers with digital tools driven by analytics. You get to learn at-least 20 ways to execute your campaign differently.

Email Communication & Automation

Salesmen who implement email automation increase their sales pipeline by 10% according to a report by Forrester. We will help you realize this for the chosen campaign.

Facebook Engagement

We publish relevant content on your Facebook page 3-5 times a week. These posts will feature contents such as custom graphics, company news and call to action for the campaign.

Technology Transformation

With ThankBunny and other digital tools available off the shelf, we induce automation, transparency and efficiency in your retail activities.

Listing & Backlinks

We help you get discovered on the internet easily by getting listed in Google maps, local directories and listicles.

Your Retail Tech Partner!

You as a retailer could be facing several operational challenges, both in the form of a complex business and limited resources to devote for the business processes. Our Retail solutions are among the most convenient and cost effective ways for a you to administer all operations in-house.

Act Now. Registration for first batch closes on July 15, 2017